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Michael Novakhov – SharedNewsLinks℠: The head of American counterintelligence accused Russia of wanting to destroy the United States | FREE NEWS

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However, he said that China is a more serious threat to the country.

William Evanina, Director of the United States National Counterintelligence and Security Center, accused Russia of wanting to destroy the United States but said China posed a more serious threat to the country.

In an interview with the Hearst channel, he was asked whether Russia and China want to destroy America. Evanina replied that Russia wants to, but China does not.

However, he rejected the idea that Russia is a more serious threat to the United States than China.

“Russia cannot destroy us – Evanina explained. “Unless it uses a nuclear bomb, Russia will not be able to destroy our country.

“China, as an existential threat, has far more arrows in its quiver. Both countries have such intentions, but I would say that China is six or eight times more effective and dangerous than Russia. From counterintelligence.”

The counterintelligence chief also accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of inciting racial and political divisions.

“I would say that Putin has achieved his goal in terms of inciting controversy in America,” he said. “The current situation, our distrust of the electoral process… this is clearly not without the efforts of the Russian government.

“He added that Russia, China, and Iran are trying to prevent the United States from getting the coronavirus vaccine.

“I would say that the same three countries – China, Russia, and Iran – are trying to prevent us from getting the vaccine,” Evanina said. – China and Iran are actively involved in the competition for the production of the vaccine. Russia has publicly stated that it already has the vaccine. I read the other day that 50 percent of the Russian population doesn’t believe this.”

However, he said that America has resilience and has invented high-quality vaccines in the past. “I think it will help us cope,” he said.

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