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Today show co-host pressed president on debts, coronavirus and QAnon without letting president dominate

Donald Trump’s floundering performance during Thursday’s NBC town hall left many feeling there was only one winner from the event – Trump’s interviewer, Savannah Guthrie.

Guthrie, a co-host of NBC’s Today morning show, repeatedly got the better of Trump as she pressed the president on his debts, his actions on coronavirus, and the dangerous rightwing conspiracy theory QAnon.

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Actually . . .

I so appreciate that Savannah Guthrie is fact checking @realDonaldTrump in real time and refusing to allow him to spread conspiracy theories unchecked.

What a welcome change from the first presidential & vice presidential debates.

i can’t think of anything more strategically disastrous than trump going head-to-head with @SavannahGuthrie and getting his ass kicked. the white women he needs to defect back to him will see themselves in her. the insecure men who love him will see him losing to a “girl”

Savannah Guthrie is doing very well so far in this format. She’s being direct, persistent, correcting misinformation and not letting the president avoid answering questions. Future debate moderators should take notes.

this is a townhall? where is the town? its just Savannah badgering. what a joke.

Has any media person ever challenged Biden like Savannah Guthrie is with Trump?

Congratulations to Savannah Guthrie on her appointment as Joe Biden’s White House press secretary!

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