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How Did ‘Rapunzel’ Melania Trump Meet Jeff Epstein In 1990s

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from The Steeple Times.

How did ‘Rapunzel’ Trump first meet ‘Evil’ Epstein’?

As it is revealed that Melania Trump was nicknamed “Rapunzel,” we again revisit the question of whether the former first lady was trafficked to America by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell

In August 2020, The Steeple Times asked: “Was Melania Trump trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein” and now with revelations yesterday in Business Insider that the former first lady was nicknamed “Rapunzel” by the American secret services we again revisit the story of the connections between these equally strange characters.


As we previously suggested back in 2020, Jeffrey Epstein supposedly began telling anyone who’d listen that he was the one that introduced the then Melania Knauss to Donald Trump just after the 45th POTUS came to power in 2017.


Going further, at the time, we added:


“Given the disgraced financier’s planes frequently jetted back and forth to Eastern Europe, stranger things indeed have happened [than that it was Jeffrey Epstein whom first brought the now former first lady into America]. Melania Trump could have flown on the infamous ‘Lolita Express’ and she could [even have been] one of mucky Maxwell’s recruits.”


Though photographed repeatedly with the deviant duo over the years, the Trumps – whom first met according to Wikipedia in September 1998 – have repeatedly rubbished Epstein’s claim and attempted to distance themselves from the croaked paedophile.


Responding of Epstein’s wild allegation, another man who claims to have introduced Melania Knauss – subsequently “nicknamed ‘Rapunzel’ by the secret service because she rarely left ‘her tower, aka the White House residence’” – to Donald Trump, Italian nightclub Paolo Zampolli, simply responded “NO WAY. Fake news. B.S.”


Pictured top: A mock version of Melania Trump in fancy dress (left) and a real photo of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell in fancy dress at Windsor Castle in 2006. Epstein dressed in a Navy SEAL uniform for the occasion – Princess Beatrice’s 18th birthday party – and included both legitimate service ribbons and medals and fictitious ones in spite of the fact he’d never been a Navy SEAL.