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August 9, 2022 9:41 am

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New Yorkers hit the beach as near-record temps scorch city

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from Eileen AJ Connelly | New York Post.

The unofficial start of summer came a week early this year, as near-record temperatures sent New Yorkers to the beaches Saturday.

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The unusually hot weather will continue on Sunday, another potentially record-breaking day in the early-season heat wave.

Temperatures soared to 89 degrees in Central Park by 3 p.m. Saturday, short of the 93-degree record for the date.

Record or not, the heat had many at Coney Island upset the water was off-limits, because there were no lifeguards. City beaches won’t be staffed until Saturday, the start of Memorial Day weekend.

“It’s a real bummer, after running 13.1 miles, I was sad to not be able to swim more than a minute or two,” said Samantha Carter, 28, who finished the Brooklyn Half Marathon before diving into the ocean, only to be booted from the water with the rest of the crowd “But I guess safety comes first.”

“It’s beautiful weather,” said Daniel Velasquez, 27, who was visiting from Dallas to watch a friend run the race. “They should let us be in there.”

Sunday, the record 96 degrees may be challenged, though Fox Weather meteorologist Marissa Lautenbacher put the forecast a little lower, at 91.

“People will probably have to start turning on their air conditioning,” Lautenbacher said, noting that the high temperatures prompted a heat advisory for the region.

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Temps will drop back to the 70s on Monday, closer to normal for late May.

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