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While Boris Johnson having multiple children with numerous women is dismissed as boys will be boys, a woman having fun at home with her friends is treated like an untrustworthy hedonist

Sanna Marin, it turns out, wasn’t on any illegal drugs whatsoever. The 36-year-old prime minister of Finland was simply high on life in the leaked video of her dancing exuberantly at a party with some friends. I imagine this comes as a great disappointment to the opposition leader who demanded she undergo a drugs test, and the rightwingers who have been working themselves into a frenzy at the cheek of a woman who thinks she can lead a country and have some fun.

You don’t have to squint to see the sexist double standards involved in this “scandal”. Boris Johnson having an unknown number of children with multiple women? Well, that’s just Boris being Boris. Donald Trump paying large sums of money to a pornography star? Boys being boys. A woman dancing with a few of her friends in a living room, though? DRUG TEST THE WITCH!

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