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President heads to Pennsylvania for major speech in which he is expected to renew calls for an assault weapons ban

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An assault weapons ban is back on Joe Biden’s agenda today as he heads to Pennsylvania to deliver a speech on guns, crime and Republican attacks on the FBI.

The push for a ban is a centerpiece of the president’s Safer America Plan unveiled earlier his month, and Biden will use his afternoon address in Wilkes-Barre to hammer Republicans for their opposition to it.

The president is going to talk about how he brought the Democrats and Republicans together earlier this month to pass the most significant safety law in 30 years. He’ll talk about how we have built on that momentum and how we must act on banning assault weapons.

A majority of Americans support… banning assault weapons; the National Rifle Association opposes it. We are going to hear from the president about the importance of making sure that we protect our communities.

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