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What Is a Building Super and What Are Their Duties? | 2022 | Bungalow

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6 responsibilities of a building super

A building superintendent—also known as a super, property manager, or resident manager—oversees maintenance and repairs for a residential building that typically houses 10 or more units. As a landlord, it helps to have someone on-site for general maintenance and upkeep, and to tackle minor repairs. An on-site super can also be a selling point when marketing your property to tenants. 

In smaller buildings, a building super handles maintenance and repairs. In a larger building with more robust staff, the super may take on more of a building manager role. Properties with a certain number of rental units are required to hire a super, and rules vary by location—in New York City, for instance, buildings with 10 units or more must have a janitor or super who lives on site or within a block, and is reachable 24 hours a day.

A live-in super may occupy the ground level of the building or a basement apartment rent-free or for a reduced rate. (He or she may also receive a salary, or wage, besides housing.) If the super doesn’t live in the building, he will likely live close by—in New York City, he must live within one block or 200 feet from the building.