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When the tape of Trump’s phone call surfaced, various pundits quickly decided that Trump strategically recorded and leaked it himself. This made no possible sense. But it fit the pundits’ ongoing narrative that Trump is some secret evil genius strategist that we’re too dumb to understand.

It’s since turned out that – of course – Raffensperger’s side recorded it. In other words, Trump really was stupid enough to make that call, and unwittingly incriminate himself without realizing Raffensperger was recording him. Trump is the world’s dumbest villain. So why do the pundits keep insisting he’s a secret evil genius?


The only possible explanation is that the pundits and the media are so invested in milking the “Trump is a secret evil genius strategist” narrative for ratings, they’re still unwilling to even consider the mountain of evidence that says he’s highly inept as a villain.

You’d think that after Trump had corrupt control of the presidency for four years and still couldn’t figure out how to even come close to rigging his reelection, the “Trump as secret evil genius” narrative would fall by the wayside. But the media is still pushing it for ratings. This has got to stop.

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1. Trump from Michael_Novakhov (197 sites)