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The signal to noise ratio continues to get worse, as Donald Trump continues to make increasingly impossible threats and far too many people keep falling for it. Here’s what we should actually be worried about right now instead:

– Trump issuing federal pardons to himself, his family, and his criminal co-conspirators on his way out the door, which he will almost certainly try to do. Such pardons will certainly be challenged in court, and we don’t know how those rulings might go. For now it’s important to spell out why each of the upcoming Trump pardons is a sham, so that public opinion turns sharply against those pardons – which realistically could impact how the judges end up ruling on them.

– Trump destroying evidence that prosecutors will want to use at his trial. Anyone who gets caught helping Trump destroy evidence will go down for a felony as well – but for that we have to catch them in the act.


– Trump pilfering taxpayer money so he can use it for his criminal defense fund once he’s out of office and criminally charged, or giving corrupt government contracts to his allies so they can kick some of it back to him after he’s gone from office.

Donald Trump’s other “I’m just going to magically remain in office forever” antics are just to distract us from this kind of thing, which I can assure you is going on behind the scenes as we speak. Keep in mind that Trump follows an almost 100% consistent pattern: 1) the most corrupt things he does are done quietly. 2) he very rarely does the things that he loudly threatens to do, because those are nearly always aimed at distracting us from the things he’s doing quietly. Trump is focused on his inevitable criminal trials right now. You should be too.

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