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MintPress News: 90% of The World Doesn’t Back The US Right Now

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The Most Censored News with Lee Camp hosted by comedian/ writer/ raconteur/ provocateur/ saboteur Lee Camp is a twice-weekly look at the most censored stories within corporate media hosted by the new video platform Behind the Headlines – a MintPress video project that is 100% viewer supported. 

Camp both brings to light stories that are (intentionally) ignored by the corporate media and digs deeper when the mainstream media only reports on the surface-layer reality. Having been a professional stand-up comic for 20 years, a writer for The Onion, and the host/head writer of Redacted Tonight, Camp is also uniquely suited to bring humor to these topics.

Joe Biden and our government will tell you the world is united in pushing for a continued proxy war in Ukraine. It’s the whole world vs. Russia, right?

Yes, except for 90 percent of said world. As Newsweek published just last week, “Nearly 90 Percent of the World Isn’t Following Us on Ukraine.”

That op-ed was written by two ex-U.S. diplomats, reports Ben Norton of Multipolarista. They “admitted 87% of the world’s population refuses to enforce the West’s sanctions on Russia, showing neutrality over the proxy war in Ukraine.”

This neutrality doesn’t mean that 87% of the world’s population loves the Russian invasion. But it does mean they live in countries that are staying out of this proxy war. They don’t view the U.S. as the moral arbiter of world events. Perhaps it’s because together our past two presidents have had 30 rape and sexual assault allegations against them. Which I’d say is too many.

Or maybe 90 percent of the world doesn’t trust us on moral issues because, as reported in Multipolarista, the “U.S. [has] launched 251 military interventions since 1991, and 469 since 1798.”

You’re probably thinking, “251 military interventions since 1991?? That sounds INSANE! Where are you gettin’ that information from, Lee? Things-I-Made-Up-Dot-Com?”

Norton continues, “This is according to a report by the Congressional Research Service, a U.S. government institution that compiles information on behalf of Congress.”

So the U.S. government has just admitted they have been militarily involved 251 times since MC Hammer put out Too Legit to Quit! I don’t think the two are connected, though.

But basically, the U.S. government is filled with homicidal maniacs with crazy eyes like that guy who led the Heaven’s Gate Cult, and apparently, almost 90 percent of the world knows that.

Even The Wall Street Journal, a right-wing propaganda outlet for the empire, acknowledged these inconvenient facts in a report in April titled, “Anti-Russia Alliance Is Missing a Big Bloc: The Developing World.” Apparently, the Wall Street Journal views 90 percent of the globe’s population as the “developing world.”

So, what can the U.S. do about this? Well, one tactic would be to stop funding and arming Nazis, and you know, let actual peace talks happen between Ukraine and Russia rather than ensuring this horrific fighting continues forever. But we’d never do that. We’d sooner have a nude tickle fight with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Another way to deal with the “developing world” not supporting you is to join the developing world. No, seriously, the U.S. has essentially sunk to the level of a “developing” nation in the global rankings. As reported by Kathleen Frydl in Popular Resistance, “the United Nations Office of Sustainable Development dropped the U.S. to 41st worldwide, down from its previous ranking of 32nd. …the U.S. ranks between Cuba and Bulgaria. Both are widely regarded as developing countries.”

Wow! We have gone from the most developed country in the world back down to a farm team!

Watch the full report above.

Lee Camp is an American stand-up comedian, writer, actor and activist. Camp is the host of Behind The Headlines’ new series: The Most Censored News With Lee Camp. He is a former comedy writer for the Onion and the Huffington Post and has been a touring stand-up comic for 20 years.

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